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Physical protection of facilities

The protection service granted to individual customer either living in a house, a residence or an apartment block is increasingly more demanded.

Security officers delegated for that type of service are characterized by impeccable looks and good manners, and through their attitude and behavior they duly represent a given real estate facility.

Security officers at apartment blocks are also responsible for control and verification of facility in the context of its technical operation, for correspondence reception or for providing aid to visitors and inhabitants in calling a taxi or otherwise. Service in that facility category is often linked to the reception desk service, and in that case it’s the customer who specifies his post-related requirements. The most common of these are: fluency in English, correspondence handling, guest presentation and meal ordering etc…

professionalism on the part of security officers

Our offer is also targeted to the sector of private house and real estate protection. The selection of staff in that case is always done on individual basis, in accordance with customer requirements and needs. The protection service in that respect apart from the security services also features full confidentiality and professionalism on the part of security officers.


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