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What is an alarm system?

Modern alarm systems are integrated devices informing us of all activities taking place at our house, apartment or firm. Facilities furnished with professional alarm system connected into our Monitoring Station boast the best security device currently available on the market.

The alarm system is a set of devices most frequently used for protecting facility against burglary, fire or some other hazard.

Burglary alarm systems most frequently use passive infrared sensors detecting motion (PIR) and magnetic detectors (contactrons) installed on windows, doors or garage gates. Stirring up of a sensor causes the activation of alarm system and in case of system being connected into monitoring station – intervention group reaction. The system is usually charged/discharges by entering on keypad of a special code as set by the user.


Operating alarm systems is not intricate and they do enhance facility’s security. An additional element of alarm system is anti-assault system in a remote control form or alternatively supplied as a hidden away from view alarm pushbutton.

An essential group amongst alarm systems is constituted by fire alarm systems. They are most often based on optical smoke detectors, temperature detectors as well as manual notification buttons known as Manual Call Points. In spacious facilities they are frequently linked with fire brigade service and they tend to co-operate with other fire protection systems, automatic extinguisher systems or smoke systems.


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