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Vision monitoring – round the clock protection

Alarms reported by SSWiN are transmitted to our Monitoring Station for alarm definition purposes, through the making of a visual connection, which identifies a given cause of alarm. In case of hazard occurrence to a location of such incident intervention group is being sent. Intervening patrol has got awareness of a facility’s situation. Thanks to camera system it is aware of the number of intruders and of their location. In more expanded systems current image from facility may be directly transmitted to patrolling vehicle.

Action scheme of alarm video-verification system

The scheme presents the options, which provides vision monitoring system when using broadcasting connection for alarm centres. Apart from security guards also real estate manager of shop chain manager while using a computer can continuously supervise facilities situated at various locations and hence control the situation. The used by us devices have got attestations and homologation that make them admissible for use within Poland at facilities of any class of hazard. In case of committing crime, image recorded by cameras becomes unquestionable evidence for police investigation.

We provide guarantee and post-guarantee service as well as routine system inspections.


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