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Stationary protection

ochrona stacjonarna

The basic principle in SOLID SECURITY operation consists in providing our customer with a comprehensive service to guarantee security of persons and of the customer's property. Stationary protection is effected in accordance with individually tailored system, which depends on a given type of protected facility.

We develop security systems individually for each facility, taking into account its specificity and the actual needs of the customer. The security plan is based on a site visit by our experts, identification of individual security zones, identification of hazards followed by development of procedures for elimination of identified hazards and implementation of a system for counteracting (potential) unidentified hazards. In facilities which are monitored by SOLID SECURITY the security system undergoes on-going analysis and detailed internal control.

Solid Security is dedicated to serving facilities with varying specific features.

  • Industrial facilities
  • Obiekty przemysłowe

    Years of experience in industrial facility protection taught us to apply the highest safety standards and to operate in accordance with legal conditions, both in the case of strategic facilities which are liable to statutory obligation of protection and for the remaining customers. The comprehensive security systems developed by SOLID SECURITY for the industrial sector are based primarily on the implementation of adequate security procedures, organization of the structure of physical security and establishment of a complete technical safeguard system.

  • Commercial centres
  • Obiekty handlowe

    The potential of SOLID SECURITY allows delivery of professional physical security services both for the advanced commercial-entertainment centers and for whole commercial chains and any type of markets. Taking into account the specific features of commercial facilities we concentrate our action on providing security to persons and property, but also we contribute to a positive image of our customers.

  • Warehouse and logistic centres
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    SOLID SECURITY is efficient in serving its warehouse and logistics customers. In view of the phenomena which feature this area security in form of physical protection is closely linked with the dynamics and variable factors which appear at every stage of the logistic process. We provide our customers with security through physical protection of property, route analysis, verification of the shipped goods, inspection of vehicles, drivers, recipients and other factors, respectively to the potential hazards.

  • Office facilities
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    Physical protection of office facilities as we understand it consists in round the clock protection of employees and all property of the customer. In view of the specificity of the facilities and reaching out towards the customer's expectations we monitor the control of access to premises, we eliminate the fire, terrorist hazards, etc. The task is executed based on a system of dedicated posts, inclusive with a reception-information desk.

  • Public utility facilities
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    Recipients from the broadly understood public administration remain to be an essential segment of SOLID SECURITY operations. We ensure security to institutions and public utility facilities in the following areas: culture, education, jurisdiction, health care, the army, embassies and other, etc.

  • Construction sites
  • Budowy

    The specific features of facilities which are under construction and the multiple stages of the building process are the reason for on-going analysis of the hazard zones and flexible response to potential risks. Separate procedures and principles are applied in respect to individual participants who implement building projects. SOLID SECURITY actions are based on respect for the construction law provisions and the health and safety at work.

  • Residential housing estates
  • Osiedla mieszkaniowe

    Protection of life and private property are among the crucial areas of SOLID SECURITY operations. Having these values in mind we put particular emphasis on direct cooperation with the inhabitants and administrators of the facilities, to identify individual hazards.

  • Other facilities
  • Inne obiekty

    SOLID SECURITY provides stationary security services for any type of facility, both for corporate and private customers. Flexibility in operation and an individual approach to each customer are the reason for a steady growth in the number of customers, who seek SOLID SECURITY services.

Monitoring service with the use of a dedicated post system

Permanent posts - located in strategic spots of the monitored facilities, passed by continuous passenger and goods traffic. The scope of duties of stationary physical protection staff at these posts is highly diversified and adjusted to the specific features of facility and needs of the customer.

Patrol posts - we established them to provide protection in a rational way, economically justified, with the highest security standards.

Reception desks - ensure proper, daily operation of the company and support the security officers in case of threat occurrence. For this reason, the reception desk assignments are executed by employees who simultaneously play the role of an image of the monitored facilities, who are trained in the scope of physical protection and the security procedures involve

Nonstandard posts - provide comprehensive physical protection services. The security service is provided by employees with special skills and licences in the following areas: fire control, HSE, platform balance operation, technical safeguard operation, premedical aid, etc.


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