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Security work control system (IGuard)

As part of physical protection assistance, our staff is equipped with modern personal devices to monitor defined in the system patrolling activities that take place at time of facility protection. The device is connected directly with our Monitoring Station.

Thanks to the iGuard system one can define patrol route of a guard and estimate the time for patrolling individual route segments. Duty officer at the Monitoring Station monitors work of guards on continuous basis. Absence at a given point at a given time results in instantaneous reaction on the part of the duty officer at the monitoring station.

An extra amenity of the device is assault pushbutton with the help of which a patrolling worker has a chance to summon support of Intervention group.

Work history of employee is filed on servers of the Monitoring Station and at customer’s request it can be issued. An extra advantage of the system is the option of real time viewing of the patrol route of guard.

Jak działa iGuard

The first step is to describe patrol route of security guard. The route is being set together with customer while taking into account key facility locations, patrolling frequency, as well as control points. After all the factors are set and ready the patrol route of security guard is entered into the system and the service is activated by the monitoring station. From that time on, operator tracks the agents on a round the clock basis with the aid of read-outs from the control points. Each point has specified in the application a given time at which security guard must register his presence, and if read-out signal is not recorded in the right place in the programmed time, then alarm is activated automatically in our monitoring station. Worker at the station checks every single signal. In case of hazard occurrence he contacts patrolling worker and issues commands. Moreover, the device is equipped with anti-assault pushbutton. In case of hazard occurrence a nearest to the spot intervention team is summoned.


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