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Security audit – in support of physical protection


Audit and Security Department is an organization unit that is innovative in corporate structure, the priority of which is the performance of professional internal security audits.

The purpose of security system audit is to analyse security condition of a facility, optimization of organizational procedures and most of all improvement of the quality of services provided.

The work for the Audit Department is done by highly qualified specialists in security field, having abundant experience and sectorial know-how as well as holding the Certificate of Physical Security Auditor of facilities just like other documents confirming their competences and skills.

Audit and Security Department (DAiB) is active in the following fields:
  • internal audits of facilities remaining under the scrutiny of Solid Security,
  • performance of audits and analyses of security status (physical, teleinformatic, fire, hygiene and safety at work, technical and mechanical security) based on customer request for facilities having any arbitrary profile,
  • devising the strategy of managing security of customer’s enterprise,
  • running of specialist training courses (internal and external),
  • business intelligence on customer request – analysis of threats and risk estimation, business environment and competition study, checking financial viability of contractors, debt recovery,
  • other actions, consultation on criminal expertise, VIP personal security service, detective services.

The unit’s commercial activity is targeted at the following spheres of business activity:
  • manufacturing and industrial entities,
  • logistic and warehouse centres,
  • office buildings,
  • banks,
  • hotels,
  • commercial centres,
  • laboratories,
  • organizational units of government and self-government administration,
  • prosecuting authorities,
  • army units,
  • other business entities requiring services as provided by the department.

Audit and Security Department is an independent organizational unit. Already in 2012 it performed almost 400 internal audits and over 150 commercial audits and security analyses.


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