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SatelliteGPS vehicle monitoring system – for corporate use

vehicle monitoring system

At present, modern satellite GPS vehicle monitoring systems are in operation in almost every company. The software applied in monitoring ensures control of drivers’ work time, of mileage, fuel level and provides a lot of other useful information at any given time. Having Internet access you are attaining a possibility of more convenient management of vehicles. All that makes possible substantial reduction of operation costs of the entire fleet while enhancing the safety of transported goods.

Statistical data shows that benefits and savings became apparent as soon as in the first month of system use. Analyzing mileage and fuel consumption you shall notice savings at an average level of 15%, whereas the effectiveness of undertaken tasks is not compromised, and in some cases it even rises. Investment made in the Satellite GPS Vehicle Monitoring system on average pays back within a 3-5 months’ period, since then, it’s just generating profits.

Benefits resulting from applying the Satellite GPS Vehicle Monitoring system


An exemplary screenshot from the application
application gps
  • reduction of fleet maintenance costs
  • reduction of fuel consumption
  • on-going control of vehicles
  • reduction of unauthorized mileage by over 90% and enhanced work rate
  • enhanced timeliness of completed tasks
  • increased market competitiveness through generated savings
  • enhanced vehicle and driver safety
  • complete control of work time and of vehicle use
  • reduction of time spent on fleet clearance

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