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Facility monitoring with intervention

Alarm system connected into facility monitoring system significantly enhances the security level against burglary, assault or e.g. fire. Monitoring is effective and relatively the cheapest form of protecting property.

The monitoring service is based on constant surveillance of signals transmitted via telephone, the Internet or GSM/GPRS to local monitoring station. Station is operated on round the clock basis by specially trained staff.

How Monitoring works?

Alarm system installed at a facility initiates information e.g. on the disturbance of one of detectors. Upon signal reception, operator of monitoring station instantaneously dispatches intervention patrol being the nearest to incident location and summons special taskforces, e.g. Fire Brigade, Police, ambulance. The patrol reaches facility within 5 – 15 minutes so as to detain culprit or to secure facility.

Intervention patrols are staffed with skilled workers. Each vehicle used by patrol team is provided with GPS transmitter which makes possible to locate a unit closest to incident. We have got our own Monitoring Station based on state-of-the-art technology as well as 1000 intervention patrols nationwide.

The signals monitored by the Monitoring Station depend on a given type of alarm system installed at a facility.

Advanced systems may generate information on infringements:

  • burglary alarm,
  • assault alarm,
  • system sabotage,
  • fire signalling,
  • gas,
  • system defects,
  • power failure.

Advantages of monitoring

  • round the clock service of protected facility through monitoring system,
  • instantaneous reaction at crisis situation,
  • control trips of intervention patrols,
  • monitoring of possible irregularities of alarm system functioning,
  • system defects,
  • marked facilities deter potential intruders.

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