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Counting of money

Counting of money known as Cash processing is a service consisting of: counting, sorting, packing and storage of money, transporting and protection of money, as well as reporting of processes completed combined with management function in the scope as defined in contracts being concluded with individual banks at the request of which the operations are performed.

We possess advanced technical support and special purpose modern devices. The service is performed by 20 Regional Cash Centres /RCG/ belonging to Solid MCG, located on the territory of the country, provided with modern monitoring system ensuring full security of the entrusted money, where the process of counting money takes place.

All actions related to the Cash Processing are performed in compliance with the in force formal and legal requirements and bank procedures.

Cash processing consist of the following activities:

  • counting, sorting and packing of money,
  • money identification in terms of authenticity,
  • reporting counted money to contractor,
  • storage of money submitted for counting and counted,
  • preparing feeds based on commission received from principal,
  • monitoring cash balances at bank machines,
  • counting of money in bank machine cassettes and safe envelopes,
  • preparing and clearance of ATM cassettes, CD for loading,
  • collection of sealed payments.

We deliver Cash Processing service for over 1500 outlets of diverse profiles in connection with physical transfer of cash.


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