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The functions and the advantages of the CCTV industrial television system – surveillance television

  • Modern way of protecting corporate property.
  • In facilities furnished with industrial cameras the number of incidents of theft tends to drop.
  • Remote control of work done by employees.
  • Straightforward storage of records and their rapid viewing.
  • Identification of person at a place, where access is limited.
  • Remote control of camera operation using a widespread application.
  • Compression of video recording with any given video and audio codec.
  • Feasibility of alarm activation following movement detection within a camera reach.
  • Saving and storage of material from CCTV cameras on server disk or on some other carrier (CD, DVD).
  • Possibility of using cameras in diverse atmospheric conditions.
  • Round the clock monitoring of protected area.
  • Round the clock recording of images from all cameras simultaneously.
  • Low cost of installation of CCTV digital system.

The used by us devices have got attestations and homologation that make them admissible for use within Poland at facilities of any class of hazard. In case of committing crime, image recorded by cameras becomes unquestionable evidence for police investigation.

We provide guarantee and post-guarantee service as well as routine system inspections.


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