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Cash convoying and protection of valuable shipments

The service consists in granting protection linked with transporting in a special purpose vehicle of money and valuable shipments by armed escorts equipped in means of communication and other means of technical support. Convoying takes place in the presence of a person who is charged with convoyed shipment, e.g. a cashier, a person picked by principal or else principal himself.

A more straightforward form of protected transport of cash is collection service (principal’s employee does not take part in convoying). The collection of cash with acknowledgement of receipt takes place in a place indicated by customer, e.g. at a commercial outlet or company registered office. Earlier set aside money either in safe envelopes or in labeled packages is collected by authorized escorts in accordance with signed contract and a related time schedule. The handing in by escorts of deposits to a specified bank or a sorting house takes place immediately.

The collection service enables for a rapid and secure receipt and transport of cash to a bank or to a sorting house, which in effect, facilitates the principal in equally rapid management of money. The presented form of convoying is especially recommended for chains of commercial and service outlets, wholesale establishments, fuel stations, but also for individual cash handling outlets.

We have at our disposal a modern fleet of vehicles adapted for transporting money and valuables in accordance with in force provisions.


For escort job we recruit persons having proper education and high psychophysical aptitude; having security agent license of first or second degree.

Solid MCG enjoys the opinion of being a reliable and solid firm. Our brand on the security market is renowned and consolidated, which is a result of some incessant care exercised so as to ensure the quality of provided services. Our offer is targeted to all those, who are not just keen on competitive prices but also on professional and safe service provision.


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