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Alarm systems

Alarm system allows for identification of a hazard in protected zones and for undertaking intervention by security guards staying at a facility or by some other taskforce responsible for security.

Appropriately selected alarm system significantly enhances protection effectiveness. Its elements let for the verification of a hazard in key zones of a facility. A well designed alarm system enables hazard detection still prior to any physical breaking in into a monitored facility.

An extra advantage of having an alarm system is the possibility of remote verification of what is going on at a facility (monitoring and recording of system activation, possibility of checking facility status).

Alarm systems are much useful not just for acts of theft or for breaking in into protected zone. Additional components, which with time may be connected to form warning element may be used for:
Signalling, i.a.:

  • fire, gas/carbon monoxide leak – transmitting such information to fire brigade
  • flooding e.g. due to failure of water-sewerage installation

Controlling, i.a.:

  • central heating (air conditioning) – heats up your house for a given time, and while household members are away it switches the power saving mode on
  • lighting from an external location (outside of house) – to deter potential thieves and so as to make the impression that household members are in the house
  • entrance or garage gate


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