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Access control system

Implementation of that type of solution lets to preserve a very high level of safety and reliability within the grounds of an enterprise or an institution. High popularity of that type of protection ensues from its broad perspective of use, simple construction and expanding possibility as well as relatively low cost of operation.

The system may use crossing blocks in the form of electromagnetic bolts, electric locks, turnstiles or barriers. This is for controlling pedestrian traffic as well as the presence of persons authorized to stay at the territory of protected areas by using proximity cards, pendants, biometric reading devices and the kind. It ensures safety of employees and customers of the institutions as well as a convenient way of using identifiers of e.g. employee, break-down of users into given groups with various levels of authorization, enabling to limit access to some selected rooms for certain groups of employees, or e.g. granting of access rights to facilities in chosen time intervals.

At present, access control systems are in widespread use by:

  • Office buildings – inside of buildings it’s not just property but also non-material valuables, e.g. financial data, legal documents, which are subject to protection. The specification of relevant access rights for employees into selected rooms significantly reduces the risk of losing important and secret information.
  • Banks - the functionality of the system should go hand in hand with the internal banking procedures, and access zones should be specified e.g. in observance of the levels of authorization of bank employees.
  • Hotels - high rotation of guests as well as the specifics of facility pose high expectations for protection system. One of the applications of the above-mentioned is a magnetic card granting guest access to a given hotel room.

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