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The role of security service in business

Until recently security service was related with some simple functions such as that of a janitor or guard. Right now it is a modern, rapidly developing sector offering services based on advanced technology. Modern security system provides the answer to the needs of demanding customers expecting professional protection.

We are aware of just how important it is to tailor protection type and its application to corporate customer needs. The attainment of security is possible thanks to flexibility, effectiveness and appropriate surveillance over the functioning of provided service. Customer satisfaction is a product of multiannual experience and of constructing relationships based on trust and reliable service.

We develop security systems individually for each facility, taking into account its specificity and the actual needs of the customer. The security plan is based on a site visit by our experts, identification of individual security zones, identification of hazards followed by development of procedures for elimination of identified hazards and implementation of a system for counteracting (potential) unidentified hazards.

In facilities which are monitored by SOLID SECURITY, the security system undergoes on-going analysis and detailed internal control.


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