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Office/plant - an exemplary location of elements of alarm system

Every time we think of an office in our imagination we see our work place, in which we spend the majority of our lives.

Are we aware of how many people everyday visits our office? How many of them are employees, how many are customers, and how many of these people came in there by coincidence?

Alarm system is not just a protection against intruders, which can break in while we are absent, but also a protection against incidents which may happen while people are in a building. Smoke sensors, window breaking sensor or sleeping gas sensor mean that at least partially we can take care of a possible hazard and counter it at the very beginning. Camera recording will us let control the situation in our company and will let us keep a watchful eye on the possibilities of hazardous occurrences

Camera recordings on several occasions can explicitly and clearly detect a culprit of an incident or of a hazardous situation.

  • - PIR
  • - External signaller
  • - Internal signaller
  • - Object breaking sensor
  • - Contactron
  • - Anti-assault pushbutton

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