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Keypads are devices necessary in any alarm system. In a straightforward manner they transmit information through an LCD, diode flashing or through icons being linked with certain functions – thus letting control system status. It’s an element used for identification of a person following code entering, for programming and for activating and deactivating of system. Access to system function thus becomes very simple – all that is needed is to remember the Central Code of the System and the extra codes of users which are programmed in the system. In addition, the system informs of defects in the system and it also informs whether a given command has been entered correctly or not. It’s a device usually installed at an entrance to a facility.

risco lcd LCD keypad

LCD keypads are provided with readable liquid crystal display enabling the transmission of textual information, letting to state accurately an alarm system status, while explicitly informing user of completed task. They also facilitate programming of centre; a given function is picked from the list on the display.

rico led LED keypad

LED keypads are much less expensive than LCD keypads. These keypads may have similar functions to the LCD ones. Information on system status is transmitted through LED diodes hence the quantity of displayed information is more limited. They are most frequently applied as keypads used for operating some selected zones.



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