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A house - an exemplary location of elements of alarm system

Basic alarm system for household use is somewhat more expanded than in an apartment, however its core is constituted by the same elements, i.e. the alarm centre (the main command point of alarm system), transmitter (communicating with monitoring station), PIR sensors (movement detectors detecting persons moving around inside of a room) the installation of which depends upon the number of windows and household structure, keypad (for charging and discharging the system by means of individual access code) as well as internal or external signaller informing of system activation through a sound. In addition to this, at places exposed to substantial temperature changes (e.g. garage, terrace, living room with fire place) PIR+MW sensors are used, which are resistant to temperature change. Windows may be fitted with contactrons, meaning window opening sensor and window breaking sensor. Sensors of smoke, carbon monoxide or sleeping gas enhance household members’ safety since they are active even when alarm system is off.

  • - PIR
  • - Contactron
  • - PIR+MW
  • - Smoke sensor
  • - Keypad
  • - External signaller
  • - Internal signaller
  • - Anti-assault pushbutton

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