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An apartment – an exemplary location of elements of alarm system

Apartment in a block or a tenement does not require too much financial outlay for protecting against intruders.

The presented system is merely an example of what can give you a developed alarm system. Fundamental elements of alarm system (most frequently encountered) are alarm centre (the main command point of the alarm system), transmitter (communicating with monitoring station), PIR sensors (movement detectors detecting persons moving around inside of a room) the installation of which depends upon the number of windows and the apartment structure, keypad (for charging and discharging the system by means of individual access code) as well as internal or external signaller informing of system activation through a sound.

Some extra devices can be connected into the alarm centre, which enhance our apartment’s security, e.g. smoke sensor, window breaking sensor or sleeping gas sensor).

  • - PIR
  • - Object breaking sensor
  • - Contactron
  • - Manipulator
  • - Smoke sensor
  • - Anti-assault pushbutton

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