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Anti-assault devices

Anti-assault remote control device

When you have an anti-assault remote control device in your hand you can feel safe. At any time when there is a threat you can call for help. It’s one of the best solutions for house, apartment or shop. Having alarm system monitoring service provided by our company, at a time of a threat following button pressing Solid Security intervention team shall be on the spot within a couple of minutes.

You can have your remote control device always within your grasp. A standard remote control range in open space is 100 – 200 metres from a receiver location. The remote control devices that we offer are single, double or four-channel devices. In a multi-channel remote control device, one button (radio channel) may be used for evoking assault alarm, whereas the remaining ones following the application of extra modules may be used for e.g. alarm system charging, opening of a garage or pedestrian gate, etc…

Anti-assault button

Anti-assault button

Wired device fixed permanently to a base used for evoking alarm and (or) informing monitoring station of a hazardous situation at a monitored facility.


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