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Solid Security

solid security

Solid Security means experience, knowledge, and professional actions on the market of security of people and property. We are a firm with Polish capital, which has been successfully operating since 1991 nationwide. Based on a group of specialized companies, we provide security services to businesses and individuals in all areas related to safety.

How we operate

We assume full responsibility for provided customer-oriented services, and react flexibly to the needs arising during contract implementation. The proposed by us Integrated Security System guarantees optimization of security processes, raising the level of our customers’ security.

We take good care of our business relationships. These are based on constructive dialogue, professionalism of action and partnership. The Solid Security potential is based on competent and committed Team. We are present in all regions of Poland using for that end a professionally organized operational structure.

The position of Solid Security and the company’s constant growth is linked to the skill of profiting from many years of experience, good understanding of customer needs as well as investing in human capital and in innovative solutions.

Our insurance policy is PLN 10,000,000.00.

Come and join the group of satisfied customers!

The scope of services provided:

  • Stationary protection of facilities,
  • Designing and installation of the following systems:
    • - burglary and assault monitoring (SSWiN),
    • - industrial television (CCTV),
    • - fire control (P.POŻ),
    • - access control,
    • - monitoring of patrols or work time registration,
  • Maintenance of installed systems,
  • GPS satellite system of vehicle monitoring,
  • Collection and transport of money,
  • Cash processing service,
  • Monitoring of facilities,
  • Intervention groups.

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