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E-invoice programme


See for yourself just how easily you can resolve the problem of filing invoices. Electronic invoices steadily but surely are making their way into everyday life. In order to avail of the programme all you need is to have an Internet connection. E-invoice is most of all a time saving amenity and a way to reduce piles of documents stuck at your house or apartment.

The advantages of the E-invoice system:

  • reliable delivery of invoice to e-mail address or to E-invoice system,
  • invoices archive is readily available,
  • document is accepted by the Revenue Office,
  • it’s environment friendly.

How to order your E-invoice.
complete the enclosed form "E-invoice acceptance" » and send it in to the address Solid Group Sp. z o. o. Sp. k., 02-676 Warszawa, ul. Postępu 17. Once you register, on a monthly basis you shall be receiving your invoice onto e-mail address as indicated or else on your account in the E-invoice portal.

» E-invoice acceptance



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